Start your theming with SwiftlyThemes.

Welcome To The Land Of iOS Customization, Amazing features like application renaming, individual application selections and even create your own application icons with SwiftlyThemes

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About SwiftlyThemes

A beautiful app designed for theming iOS devices without a jailbreak.

We created SwiftlyThemes with ease and also customisability for the user, we beleve that we have acomplished this with the newest version of Swiftlythemes.


Video Teaser

Check out the video and see some of the things that SwiftlyThemes can do.


Powerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

SwiftlyThemes can quickly create the style you desire.

Easily Editable

Change your application names with ease.

Powerful Code

Coded to make you have the best experiance.

Never Revokes

Unrevokable by apple, So will always be avalable to you.

Fully iOS

Created for iOS in mind.

Editable Selections

Select the icons you wish to download.